Natural Lace Closure (Top Wig)

When wearing a CUSTOM WIG with a natural lace closure it's important to properly blend it with your skin tone. Here are some GREAT TIPS to ensure that you're looking your best and facing the world BEAUTIFUL!

  • Make sure your hair is braided neatly and flat underneath. This helps to avoid lumps and bumps.


  • Secure your custom unit by reaching between to pull down and around the nape and crown. You want it snug, especially in the crown to avoid humps.


  • Match the part of the wig to the natural part of your hair underneath. Tweeze your part a bit to match your hair density.


  • Last but not least slightly pull the wig back exposing only your baby hair(line) and use a brow liner pencil that matches your hair line to shade in any exposed lace on either side of the part. DO NOT shade in your part.


  • (OPTIONAL) use concealer that matches your scalp on your part to give a more natural look.

I love to create CUSTOM UNITS for my clients and would LOVE to create one for you. I am always available to my clients for maintenance and aftercare, dedicated to your BEAUTY #YBEX #MasterStylist #ColeenOtero