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The hair industry plays a very important role in today's society. According to "revenue growth is expected to improve over the next five years rising at an average annual rate of 3.2 % to 58.7 billion by 2019". Wow that's flat out jaw dropping numbers!!! I have encountered more and more celebrity stylist that bring in healthy six figure incomes! that's up there with some doctors, nurses, attorneys, and programmers! Not only is the hair industry making money, but it can also provide careers and job opportunities throughout the world!

Did you know that statistics show that 80% of women make up the consumer rate on purchasing hair care products. Yes it's true! It's pretty evident that most women can give up a few things, but getting themselves dolled up isn't one of them. Right now it has been a lot easier to look like the hottest celebrity women like Beyoncé, Mary Mary, Nikki Minaj, and Kim Kardashian. The Majority of these hairstyles and trends that women mimic is celebrity inspired. The new trendy styles like lace fronts, vixen sew-ins, and U-part wigs, give consumers the versatility to switch up their hairstyles. According to, "Chris Rock on the billion dollar black 'good hair' industry", research shows that women alone contribute multi billions of dollars in the hair care industry. Believe it or not the majority of women feel better about themselves when they have been well groomed.

As of now the hair industry is coming up with less harmful ways to wear extensions such as, sew ins and wigs, which is great for the consumer.  In times past hair extensions caused damage to clients real hair but with these new trendy techniques everyone profits! Giving both beauty businesses and consumers something to be happy about! Book your custom wig unit consultation with Your Beauty Xpert today by clicking contact at :)

Coleen Otero