My appointment with the Fabulous Sherri Shepherd!

"Hey do you know Sherri Shepherd?" Those were the words on call I received from an associate of mine. "She needs a stylist, ASAP!" Then the rest was history!!!! The very next call was Sherri's assistant on the other end of the phone giving me instructions on where to be and what time to be there. It didn't soak in right away, but the next day when I was on my way to the appointment I started to feel nervous, excited and anxious. I have had these moments before, you know you are getting ready to do something most people do not get the privilege to do. Those moments that will allow you to speak in diverse tongues and bring every scripture and prayer your grandmother taught you back to your remembrance. YES, that! LOL! I was shaky boots!

Moving on, I got to the comedy club and began setting up.  I called my husband to begin praying! I didn't want my emotions to interfere with this divine appointment! Well a hour goes by and no Sherri! Shortly after my cell rings and her assistant says frantically, "HELLO! It's my fault, you were suppose to go to her hotel...not the club!" Long story short Sherri was WAITING ON ME!!!! What?! Now I want to vomit! HONESTLY! But I had to remain calm! I prayed and stayed put as I was told to. I quickly text my husband and said, "PRAY HARDER!" I took authority over my emotions, waited for further instructions and stayed put. Her assistant called apologetically and said, "I am so sorry, Sherri is on her way!"

You could imagine my relief! There were so many thoughts going through my head like, she's going to say "never mind", or be upset when she arrives. But on the contrary when Sherri arrived she was pleasant, and apologetic as well! She even paid me DOUBLE! WOW! I quickly did her hair and got out of the way so she could focus on her set. Fast forward to after the show when we got the opportunity to chat a little further. She graciously takes pics with us and took the time to check out the CEO Chick gifts I gave her and joked about it being the right size LOL! She loved it! To show appreciation she shared on all her social media platforms and used #ceochick! It was amazing! I know folks with 3 followers that wouldn't show that much love. IJS! 

I couldn't help but think back to when God told me to step out and start CEO Chicks! He told me to get ready for a network of women that will flock together and bring about great change in their communities! How? Glad you providing stable homes and greater educational opportunities for their children, by creating jobs for others, by strengthening single moms, by demolishing debt and so much more! I could not help but SHOUT! We are now gearing up for our very first live event! Check out more on our community here

Sherri Shepherd is such a great example of what a CEO Chick really is! Regardless of her private life made public she still walks in style, humility and grace all while raising her handsome son and giving God the praise! 

So what do you do when opportunity knocks on your door? Some tips to making your encounter with influential people a success are as follows:

  • Be early - Early means you are on time and prepared for your client
  • Check your spirit - Some of you use the term energy. Either way remain positive, smile, maintain good body language.
  • Don't be a chatter box - Let your client control the conversation. Focus on what you are there to do.
  • Be Sensitive - Now I do not know if this can be taught but learn how to read your client. Do they seem open to taking pictures and giving autographs, etc... Some are but some are not!
  • Show some love - Thank them for the opportunity both privately and publicly on your social media platforms
  • Stay ready - Last but not least...always be ready with a business card or something to put into their hand. In my case I bought a gift of some of my latest products. Who doesn't like a good gift?!

I hope this Blog was of some help to you and provides you with the courage to keep on going! If you enjoyed it please feel free to share and comment!! Til next time...get over it, that's right stay above the noise and FLY HIGH! 

Your Beauty & Branding Expert

Coleen Otero