Summer's Hair Trends We love..

If you know one thing about me it is that I LOVE HAIR! Hair has the power to transform any woman’s look to feel more bold, powerful, and confident. Whether your hair lacks body, if it is short or long, or simply unmanageable, that can all change with the use of good hair extensions. One of the reasons why I love Pure Luxe extensions is because it’s easy, versatile, and durable! If you want a chic short cut or simply long bombshell layers, with a few extensions you are able to execute the look of your dreams.

     What look do you plan on achieving this summer? With the inevitability of sweaty bangs due to humidity-induced frizz fest, there’s no doubt that it may seem the summer weather is working against you. So, we gathered a few of our favorite trendy styles of this summer that might be a fit for you, and also help you withstand this hot climate…    

Make Waves!

Waves are always a fun style, especially during the summer when a smooth and polished style is not always easy to maintain.

A Teased Tail or Bun!

Keeping your hair out your face can become key during the summer. This style easy and perfect for care free summer days!

The Bob! 

This is a cut that will simply never go out of style. All textures can pull off the classic style of the bob.

The Beloved Lob!

If you can't bear the short look, then stylist suggest trying the lob aka the long bob. It’s long enough to tie in a cute pony tail, but short enough to tolerate in the heat.

Long Hair and Don't Care!

If you’re anything like me you love long hair and don’t care what season it is! Whether you prefer it playful and curly or bold and straight, each style will have heads turn!

Each of these looks are creative, fun, and super gorgeous! It is without a doubt that you will feel your best giving at least one of these a go. So, Give it a try and be sure to tag my Face book page at Coleen Otero !!! I Hope this helps you choose your summer-do, and remember to just have fun with it!