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The 2017 CEO Chick DOMINATE Conference is going to be an epic two-day experience on August 4-5. The conference starts Friday evening with an intimate VIP only dinner. On Saturday we kick of with VIP mastermind, followed by a luncheon with empowerment speakers, panel discussions, live entertainment and more. Dominate will feature:

Host and Founder: Coleen Otero

CEO Chick Coaches: Jennifer Enders, Kristina Buhl, Donna Moody

Key Note Speakers: Relationship Expert and Life Coach, Junice Rockman aka JRock as seen on Bravos Thicker Than Water as well as Austin's CBS Morning Show Relationship Expert Feature. Coach Junice will equip us on how to dominate mentally and prepare us for expansion from the inside out!

Celebrity MUA to stars like Mary Mary, Angela Bassett, Kerri Washington, Idris Elba, Fantasia and more, Kym Lee. This Boss Babe is going to teach us how to dominate in the market place! 

Financial Advisor for Edward Jones and CEO Chick Coach Kristina Buhl. Overseeing 50+ million in finances with tips on how to dominate in your finances! 

CEO Chick Comedy Moment with Christianee Porter aka Ms. Shirleen will humor us with her entrepreneurship jokes! She will also participate in our CEO Chick Panel! 


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Business and Branding Virtual Master Class
10:00 AM10:00

Business and Branding Virtual Master Class

Are your ready for 2017! Well let me help you get ready and stay ready!!! Join me on November 12th from the comforts of your home office for a virtual online, intimate business and branding master mind class! 

Let's dive right in on your vision for 2017! We will be discussing in detail:

  • Business Goals 
  • Social Media Presence
  • Bomb Branding
  • Develop Your Brand Senses
  • Protecting Your Brand
  • Dream Team Building
  • And Not To Mention My Guests! 

Yes, I will have 3 of my associates joining us! First is Natalie Guzman of General Connection Tax to discuss how to properly set up your business finances. Secondly is my Business Attorney, Rosezena Pierce of RJ Pierce Law. She will teach you how to protect your brand and understand the difference between a trademark and copyright. Lastly is my client and friend, Alandus Sims, Corporate Negotiator for Orlando Utilities Commission! So excited for you all to hear more on the art of negotiating deals, contracts etc within your business! This is going to be GOOD!

As soon as you register the Course Hand Outs will be emailed and you will also receive the link directing you to our private group. Please allow 24 hours for the info to hit your email. If you have any questions please contact me at 855-GET-YBEX or email Looking forward to having you in my Mastermind Class! 


Coleen Otero

Your Beauty & Branding Expert

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