Virgin Remy Hair is a hot commodity these is sought out by many hair extension connoisseurs looking for quality hair at great prices. With the flood of Asian Manufacturers now shipping to any random person with a dollar it is very easy to be taking advantage of. With out proper experience you can purchase hair the though the label says Virgin or Remy it simply is not. We at YourBEautyXpert's have searched for years for reputable manufacturers that will produce a great product at a great price and we have been with them ever since. This in turn brought forth our phenomenal hair line, Pure Luxury Virgin Hair also called Pure Luxe! We launched in 2011 right here in Central Florida. Providing Brazilian and Peruvian Hair, in various textures, straight, loose wave, deep wave and curly to name a few. The hair last for 6 months to a year(+) if maintained properly and only comes in a 1B, 2 and sometimes 4 depending on the donors. This hair is VIRGIN and requires hair dye to alter the color if you desire any shade lighter than a deep brown.


The best way to Maintain Pure Luxe Hair is to do the following:

  1. Co-wash prior to installing - Wet with warm water add Conditioner ONLY for up to 30 minutes, and rinse with cool water to lock in moisture.

  2. Argan or Morrocan Oil Drops - Use Organic oils only on your hair every evening before prepping for bed (see my bed head video clip). Feel free to use up to twice a day if needed.

  3. Shampooing - Organic Sulfate Free Shampoos are best. When washing place focus on massaging the scalp, lifting the tracks and getting in between them to better cleanse your scalp. Keep the hair extensions in down ward motion and squeeze like a sponge in downward movements. Avoid balling or rolling it up while washing it may cause tangling to the hair.

  4. Drying - Our hair can be air dried with the oil to maintain the curl pattern however it can be flat ironed or blow dried straight and styled as usual. Keep in mind constant use of heat and dying can alter the curl pattern.

  5. Custom Color -  Use of hair dyes and bleach work extremely well on our hair, see your stylist for a consultation or inbox us for a consultation.