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Virtual E-Course

What ToExpect!

Stop chasing all the guru marketing strategies and let me show you a simple system to get your first sale in the next 7 days!

Join CEO Chick Founder Coleen Otero for  her upcoming Virtual Master Class titled, “So You Want To Be An Entrepreneur.” Coleen will give you her 3 step process to put money in your pocket in the next 7 days! 

Coleen Otero is a Celebrity Beauty Expert, Branding Strategist, Mentor, Motivational Speaker, Author, Entrepreneur, Wife, and Mom to 4 boys and a bonus step daughter, Coleen Otero is the definition of doing it all with STYLE! With over 20 years of experience in the Beauty  and Branding Industry. This expert’s work and products have been featured on networks like Bravo, BET, NBC, CBS and more. Coleen and her team coaches members of her CEO Chick Network on what it takes to build a six(+) figure business.

In this 90 minute course you will Learn 

✨Simple and quick ways to start your biz without all the tech trauma and delays.

✨How to reach your client in record breaking time without getting lost in unnecessary “tactics and time consuming processes.”

✨How to stick to what you love without getting paralyzed by the “influencers marketing rabbit trails.”

After this session with me, you will be confident in understanding WHO YOU ARE and HOW YOU CAN execute in building a profitable business!