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Slay Your Brand

Are you ReadyTo Slay Your Brand?

Tired of sucking at sales?

Feeling stuck with your current brand? 

I have spent over a decade years working with clients on their brand! How we show up in the market place can make or break our ability to impact our businesses. 

Building the CEO Chick brand has allowed me the ability to organically attract companies like Fox, WESH2, Huffington Post, Madame Noire, Rolling Out, Local News Networks and various media outlets. Exposure brings both notoriety and increased clientele. 

In this FREE BRAND COURSE we will dive into:

  • Brand Attraction
  • Knowing Your Brand Voice
  • Turning Your Brand To Bucks


"Building your brand is either your mission or your mistake." ~Coleen Otero

Create AnUnforgettable Brand

Success StoriesBrand Clients

  • Kenya Taylor
    Virtuous Tees
    "I met Coleen Otero at the right time!  I knew it was time for me to brand my business; Virtuous-Tees, but with so many options, I did not know where
  • Alandus Sims
    "Coleen Otero has the capacity to receive one's vision, conceptualize it, expand it, and bring it to life in a fashion that exceeds all expectations.
  • Jacqueline Griffith
    Savvy Childcare
    "Coleen Otero gives you all the wisdom and insight to orchestrate your business into a profitable success!

Branded Videos

Visual Content, eye catching promotional videos, Short 15 - 30 second clips, & mini commercials up to 90 seconds!