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Coleen Otero is the definition of doing it all with STYLE! With over 20 years of experience in the Beauty Industry, Coleen has dedicated her life to not only helping individuals to look beautiful on the outside, but feel beautiful on the inside. She took a moment to share her work and passsion with us; here’s what she had to say:

VJ: Youve built a successful business platform; what is your greatest advice growing a business as it relates to on branding? 

Coleen: Developing a clear message and method determines your ability to grow.

I have seen too many brands attempt to fit various unrelated products under one umbrella. Where there is confusion there will be a lack of customers. Clear, simple messaging makes the decision process easier for customers.  

Then there are cases where messaging is clear but there is no method, or system is in place to bothmeasure and produce consistency. We market the why but we sell the HOW! The ability for your brand to develop desired results repeatedly is crucial to growth.

VJ: What is the day in the life of Coleen Otero, with a company at scale balancing family and me time? 

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