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Brand To Bucks

In this refreshing and insightful how-to-guide, celebrity hair and makeup artist, turned national women’s empowerment influencer and CEO Chick Network founder Coleen Otero, serves up 5 no nonsense success strategies to help you master, market and monetize your brand. Sharing inspirational success stories, lessons learned, sage advice and integrated coaching exercises, Coleen helps you:

• Gain Clarity
• Develop Your Brand Story
• And make some MONEY, the kind you’ve always dreamed of but never
thought was possible

The truth is, there’s plenty of Money to be made, your business just needs to attract the BUCKS you deserve. This tell all Branding Bible is exactly what you need to walk you through!

So while Coleen focuses on helping you build a brand that attracts more dollars, she gives insight on how to develop and execute on your brand promise. By the end of Brand to Bucks you will be empowered, educated and equipped to launch a brand that sales itself.

  • J.Bolin
    Celebrity Fashion Stylist
    "When I think of Coleen, I think of the most relatable, firm teacher you can remember.
  • LaRue Howard
    Dove Award Winning Worship Leader & Coach
    "Every time I read Brand to Bucks, I found myself...
  • Kym Lee
    Celebrity Makeup Artist
    "There is a Brand Inside of all of us. But the birthing process can be difficult...
  • Kristina Williams-Buhl
    Financial Advisor
    "Brand to Bucks is not just another marketing and branding book. Otero has...

  • Kenya Taylor
    Virtuous Tees
    "I met Coleen Otero at the right time!  I knew it was time for me to brand my business; Virtuous-Tees, but with so many options, I did not know where
  • Alandus Sims
    "Coleen Otero has the capacity to receive one's vision, conceptualize it, expand it, and bring it to life in a fashion that exceeds all expectations.
  • Jacqueline Griffith
    Savvy Childcare
    "Coleen Otero gives you all the wisdom and insight to orchestrate your business into a profitable success!
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